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Course Report:
Fall /Winter Semester: Creative Media Project


Co*Design Center launches new course on video documentary production

YouTube is the second-most visited website in the world (after Google search) and everyday people across the globe watch more than a billion hours of video. Interestingly, a new question that many teenagers ask themselves is whether they should pursue a YouTube career or college? Perhaps they can do both.

Recognizing that the ability to produce videos is a new and important skill, the Center for the Study of Co*Design at Osaka University launched a new online course in the 2020 Fall/Winter semester designed to provide students with direct experience of video documentary production, with a focus on enhancing how they may communicate their research in the future.

The course is coordinated by Brendan Barrett (Specially appointed professor and executive producer for numerous documentaries) and co-taught with two award-filmmakers: Dr. Citt Williams is an accomplished filmmaker and climate scientist based at Brindle Films in Alice Springs, Australia. She recently completed her doctorate at the RMIT University School of Media Communications.


Luis Patron is a freelance filmmaker based in Japan who has directed and produced documentaries for NHK, Al Jazeera, Canal+, Swiss TV and many others. He was responsible for introduction of documentary filmmaking at the UN University in Tokyo from 2005 onwards and developed the concept of the video brief (short 5 minute videos about research targeting policymakers).

Structure of the Course

Organized over 15 sessions the course provides students with a solid grounding in pre-production (research, story development, production planning), production (field based video recording and studio recording) and post-production (editing, narration and screening).

Students participate in three technical workshops to learn about camera operation and video editing. The camera workshop is designed for complete beginners and deals with a range of topics including aperture, ISO, exposure, focus, framing, stability, sound and lighting.

The editing workshop demonstrates how to organize video footage, bring content into the editing software (Adobe Premiere), editing workflows and various technical aspects such as adding text, subtitles, colour correction, audio, music, etc.

All equipment for shooting and editing the video (including access to Adobe Creative Cloud) is provided by the Co*Design Center.


What can students expect?

The focus of this course is on good teamwork with students taking the role of a production company - director, production manager, camera and editor. It is a very demanding course, requiring excellent planning and organization skills as well as mastery of a number of very technical skills (camera operation, sound recording, Adobe Premiere, etc.). In addition, the video editing work can require a lot of time and commitment from the entire team to ensure success.

The first major task for the student groups is to produce a proposal for their documentary topic. After undertaking their initial research, each team makes a pitch of their proposed documentary idea to the course coordinators. This is normal practice in professional filmmaking when seeking funding. The pitch includes a timeline for the documentary production and also defines responsibilities of the team members.

Next, the students go on location to shoot their video and this can involve several trips undertaking interviews, shooting b-roll and ensuring they have captured all the footage they need. Through their research the students identify and approach the main protagonist in their story. They need to follow the proper protocols and ensure that each person interviewed signs a talent release form (giving Osaka University permission to use the footage). A rough cut of the film is then screened with the course coordinators and the students receive feedback.

Based on this feedback, the students may need to reshoot parts of the interviews or do pick up shoots on location in order to improve the storytelling aspect of their videos. At the end of the course, the students screen their final cut of the video.


The topics chosen by the students were very diverse and their videos are shared below. For most this was their first time to produce a video documentary and the quality of their work is very high.

If you are interested in participating in this course in Fall/Winter semester 2021, please contact Brendan Barrett (brendan.barrett[at]cscd.osaka-u.ac.jp). Places in the course are limited to 20 students.

The videos produced by the students are shared below:

Nishinari: Diamond in the Rough
Gender Equality in Japan
Osaka is Voguing
Okinawan Community in Osaka


秋・冬学期:Creative Media Project(3B1529)



これはBrendan Barrett(特任教授であり、数多くのドキュメンタリーのエグゼクティブプロデューサー)がコーディネートし、受賞歴のある映画制作者2名との共同授業となっています。Citt Williams氏は、オーストラリアのアリス・スプリングスのBrindle Filmsを拠点に活動する熟練の映像作家であり、気候科学者でもあります。彼女は最近、RMIT大学メディアコミュニケーション学部で博士号を取得しました。

(写真:オーストラリア、メルボルンのロケ地で撮影をするCitt Williams氏。)

Luis Patron氏は日本を拠点とするフリーランスの映像作家です。NHK、Al Jazeera、Canal+、及びSwiss TVなどでドキュメンタリーの監督・制作をしました。2005年から国連大学でドキュメンタリー映像制作入門を担当し、ビデオ・ブリーフ(ポリシーメーカーを対象とした研究に関する5分間のショートビデオ)の概念を作り出しました。




編集ワークショップでは、動画映像の整理方法、編集ソフト(Adobe Premiere)へのコンテンツ移行、編集業務の流れ、テキストの追加、字幕、色の補正、オーディオ、音楽など様々な技術について説明します。

動画の撮影と編集に使うすべての機材(Adobe Creative Cloudへのアクセスを含む)は、COデザインセンターが提供します。

(写真:ドキュメンタリー動画撮影の基本を遠隔で説明するLuis Patron氏。)


この授業の焦点は良好なチームワークであり、受講生がディレクター、プロダクションマネージャー、カメラマン、編集者など制作会社の役割を担います。これは非常に大変な授業であり、優れた計画やとりまとめるスキルだけでなく、多くの技術的なスキル(カメラ操作、音声録音、Adobe Premiereなど)の習得を必要とします。また、動画編集作業には多くの時間がかかり、成果を出すためにはチーム全体のコミットメントが必要となります。


次に、受講生は動画を撮影するためにロケ地に行きます。インタビューの実施、サブ映像(B-roll)の撮影、必要な映像をすべて撮影したことを確認するために何度も足を運ぶこともあります。学生たちは調査を通して物語の主人公を特定し、アプローチします。適切なプロトコルに従う必要があり、インタビューを受けた人は放映許可書(大学に映像を使う許可を与える)に署名していることを確認します。映像の暫定版(rough cut)を授業コーディネーターと共に上映し、学生はフィードバックを受けます。
このフィードバックをもとに、学生は映像のストーリー性を向上させるために、インタビューを再度撮影したり、ロケ地で撮影したりすることもあるでしょう。最後の授業では、学生は動画の最終版(final cut)を上映します。



2021年度の秋・冬学期に開講する当該授業の受講を希望される方は、Brendan Barrett(brendan.barrett[at]cscd.osaka-u.ac.jp)までご連絡ください。

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