Center for the Study of Co* Design

About us

Osaka University's Center for the Study of Co* Design was established in July 2016.
It is a front-runner of the university's initiative to tackle emerging challenges in contemporary society by fostering innovation.

Our mission is to design mechanisms that facilitate cross-border communication and collaboration among actors from diverse professional fields and citizens, generating innovative knowledge, values, and systems in society.

The asterisk (*) in our name represents our operational principle of openness, dynamism, flexibility, and cross-disciplinarity in approach and expertise.
Our educational programs welcome students from various disciplines, encouraging them to learn beyond their core subjects.
Our research activities feature extensive collaboration with experts in business, government, academia, and other public and private sectors, providing a space for up-to-date intellectual discussions.
We develop stronger connections between the university and the local community through our diverse public seminar programs.
We collaborate with international partners in both business and academic sectors and welcome opportunities for new partnerships

For any questions about the Center, our research/educational activities, and future collaborative opportunities, please contact us.

Our Structure

Our Structure

Center for the Study of Co* Design, Osaka University, has three educational and research divisions to pioneer emerging academic fields and to develop the human resources for integration between knowledge and society.


Professor (Centre Director) Matsushige, Hisakazu Economics of Education, Economics of Human Resource Management
Professor Ikeda, Mitsuho Medical Anthropology
Professor Hayashida, Masashi Portuguese Philology and Iconology
Professor Higaki, Tatsuya Philosophy, French Philosophy, Japanese Philosophy
Professor Hirakawa, Hideyuki Science and Technology Studies
Professor Fujita, Kikuo Design Engineering
Professor Morikuri, Shigekazu Community Communication
Associate Professor Tanaka, Hitoshi Aesthetics
Associate Professor Yagi, Ekou Science and Technology Studies
Associate Professor Homma, Naoki Clinical Philosophy
Associate Professor Tsujita, Toshiya International Relations, Social Design
Specially Appointed Professor Alain-Marc Rieu Science and Technology Studies, Comparative contemporary political and social philosophy
Specially Appointed Professor Hirata, Oriza Playwriting, Directing
Specially Appointed Associate Professor Uwasu, Michinori Sustainability Studies, Economics
Specially Appointed Associate Professor Yamazaki, Goro Cultural Anthropology
Specially Appointed Associate Professor Watanabe, Hirotaka International Politics, Diplomatic History, Space Policy & Law
Specially Appointed Associate Professor Yamamori, Yuki Philosophy, Semiotics
Specially Appointed Assistant Professor Kudo, Mitsuru Science and Technology Studies
Specially Appointed Assistant Professor Sugawara, Yuki Philosophy of Science, Research Ethics, Science and Technology Studies
Specially Appointed Assistant Professor Mizumachi, Eri Science Communication, Science Education

Access Map


Access from the nearest station

By Train
15-25min. east on foot from ishibashi on Hankyu Takarazuka Line.

By Monorail
10-15min. west on foot from Shibahara.

From Shin-Osaka Station
Take the subway Midousuji Line to Senri-Chuo, transfer to Osaka Monorail and
exit at Shibahara. (about 1 hour)

From Osaka Airport(itami)
Take Osaka Monorail to Shibahara.(about 30 min.)

From Kansai international Airport

Center for the Study of Co* Design, Osaka University

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Phone +81-6-6850-6111